At Habitat for Humanity of Northern Arizona

we believe that when you build and maintain homes, you build and maintain neighborhoods.

By working in partnership with local businesses, non-profits, and government agencies, we help residents address their neighborhood's needs comprehensively.


Business Partners

As a small Habitat affiliate, we rely on local builders and contractors to provide labor and materials for our builds and home repairs. We're always looking for more partners, so if you would like to help build your community through your business, please contact Us!

Not in construction or trades? From marketing materials to food for volunteer projects, there are many ways that your business can support our work. Contact us if you're interested in helping us build affordable housing in Flagstaff.

Non-Profit Partners

A neighborhood is more than just houses. We work alongside other organizations to support all our resident's needs. If your organization is interested in working us, please contact us so we can talk about collaborative opportunities.