Safe, decent, affordable homes for local working families.

With the help of your donations and volunteer labor, and the support of local contractors, we've helped 18 families achieve their home ownership goals.


Building Affordability

Northern Arizona is an incredible place to live, but home-ownership is often out of reach for many families, especially in Flagstaff. To make our homes affordable, Habitat uses a variety of resources. We partner with the City of Flagstaff to get access to affordable land leases, work with local contractors to keep construction costs low, and use volunteer labor to help with building. We use donations and grants to cover the upfront costs, which our partner families repay through a zero-interest mortgage. Those mortgage payments go back into our build fund to support the construction of the next house. In this way, your donation cycles through our community over and over.

A Hand Up, Not a Hand Out

This cycle is also part of our core ethos, "A Hand Up, Not a Hand Out." Our homeowners buy and own their homes. Habitat Homes are not free. We assist our partner families in attaining homeownership through zero-interest loans, with affordable monthly payments, and small down-payments. Partner families demonstrate their commitment to being good neighbors and homeowners by providing "sweat equity", community service performed through Habitat and other service organizations. Even before a Habitat Family moves in, they are giving back to the community that made it all possible.